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Building Excellence in the Rio Grande Valley

At HESH Construction, we're more than just builders; we're architects of dreams, crafting durable and beautiful spaces in the heart of South Texas. With a rich legacy in the Rio Grande Valley, our team combines local insight with vast construction expertise to turn your vision into reality. Committed to excellence, sustainability, and community, we're not just constructing buildings—we're creating the backdrop for your life's most memorable moments.


Crafting Spaces, Creating Memories

Hesh construction



At HESH Construction, we believe every project is a unique expression of its owner's vision. We offer personalized design and construction services that cater specifically to your needs, ensuring your space is a true reflection of your personal style or business ethos.



Committed to the future, we prioritize eco-friendly practices in our construction processes. Our approach involves using sustainable materials, energy-efficient designs, and environmentally conscious methods to not only create your space but also protect the planet.



With a foundation built on trust and dependability, HESH Construction is synonymous with steadfastness. We deliver on our promises, ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards, solidifying our reputation as a reliable partner in the Rio Grande Valley.


Frequently asked questions

We serve various communities throughout the Rio Grande Valley, including but not limited to McAllen, Harlingen, Brownsville, and Edinburg. If you’re unsure whether your location falls within our service area, please don’t hesitate to contact us for confirmation.

The process begins with an initial consultation where we discuss your vision, needs, and budget. Following this, we provide a detailed proposal that includes design concepts, an estimated timeline, and a cost breakdown. Once you approve the proposal, we move forward with the construction phase.

Yes, we understand that changes can be part of the construction journey. We strive to accommodate your requests while keeping you informed about any potential impacts on the timeline or budget.

Quality is at the core of what we do. We use high-quality materials, adhere to strict building codes, and our experienced professionals oversee every aspect of the construction process to ensure the highest standards are met.

After the completion of your project, we conduct a thorough walkthrough to address any concerns. We also provide a warranty for our workmanship and are available to assist with any post-construction questions or needs you might have.